Zambesi Mission

Zambesi Mission 1890 – 1899, when the Mission became independent from the Motherhouse in King William’s Town.

It was at the request of Cecil John Rhodes, in 1889, that the Dominican Sisters of King William’s Town accompanied his soldiers and colonists on the mission to Rhodesia in 1890. An Epic of NursingSisters Amica Kilduff, Frances Condon and Ignatius Haslinger were among the first volunteers from the Motherhouse. Sisters Patrick Cosgrave and Constantia Frommknecht from Potchefstroom joined them in the new undertaking.

Rhodesia / Zimbabwe Communities
In October 1892 Chishawasha Mission had been founded by the Jesuits near Salisbury. After the Rhodesian Sisters became independent from the Motherhouse ‘King’ Dominican Sisters lived and worked on several missions in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

1958 – 1987 Berejena, Masvingo Province Our Lady of Peace Mission





Community of Dominican Sisters at Chikwingwizha Minor Seminary 1970

1962 – 1981 Gwelo/Gweru, Midlands Province

Chikwingwisha Minor Seminary,
A Diocesan Seminary at which the King Sisters worked.



1964 – 2008 Matibi Mission, A Diocesan Mission at which the King Sisters worked

Mission a Matibi

Matibi Mission Taxi