Poems by Sr Sylvia van Vuuren OP

Ruah – Creative breath
You breathe over the formless void of earth
and she becomes impregnated
with an evolutionary river of Life.
You breathe over Mary
and seed her with the Word of Life,
an oasis in the desert of our lives.
You breathe over me
and entering my soul
you release the song of Eternal LifeRuah –
healing breath
you hover over our smouldering embers
of illusion, death and destructiveness,
over the terrifying abyss within –
gasping for hope and meaning and purpose.
You wait patiently for our ‘yes’
to be our soul’s breath
to be the Life we seek.Ruah –
Gentle breeze,
caressing the restless soul with calm
soothing into stillness
the disquietude of life on the run.
Divine and cosmic breath,
the more deeply we breathe you
the more authenticity, truth,
the core of who we are, evolvesRuah –
Permeating, swirling life
you are my core,
present in every cell –
in every atom of my being.
Present as dynamism and energy;
as dance and laughter
as the One who blows where she wills –
gracefully, fiercely sweeping all into life.Ruah – Wind of consciousness
breathing with you we withhold
– even for a split second
the negative – even violent reaction
to sudden hurt.
A moment – a grace
‘A space of a breath
Holding the vastness of heaven’
(Daniel O’Leary)Ruah – State of balance and equanimity
one with you we let go of judging
everyone and everything
as in the light of your fire we see –
‘Out beyond right and wrong
there is a field.
We’ll meet each other there’ (Rumi)Ruah –
Thought-less, sense-less, image-less space
we surrender in graced trust
to the emptiness and nothingness
of the void we call God –
the ‘God who is the absence in our lives
the empty silence within’ (R.S. Thomas)Ruah – One in you
one with all reality
we breathe in and breath forth
your creative, healing breath
holding, surrounding and permeating
our universe with divinity.Ruah
Your breath, my breath, every other breath – One breath
One God breath.
Holding Eternity in the NOW BREATH
Join the Human Race
Accept your perception
of being less than perfect
Loved in your essence
you may risk ‘letting go’
and sink into
the One who is …
in whose heart
you are in the making.

Trust the Presence
surrounding and permeating you,
loving regardless of who you think
you are and ought to be.
God transcends all
that you transcended be
one with the Breath of Life
one with Time Eternal
one with the Creator and Created …
Simply One.

Let God Breathe You
Can intense pain and jubilation
occupy simultaneously
a heart too small
to grasp the wonder of God?
Holy breath.
God’s breath
Purity flowing through me –
my lungs, my heart, my veins.
Sacred breath cascading
through my being
washing through every cell,
every atom, every quark
transforming all

till every sub-atomical particle
glows with the reflection
of the Holy One.
Can there be any deeper peace
a joy more complete
than that released
in ‘Alaha Ruah’ –
Sacred unity breathes?

Quiet, restful this breathing of God
stillness resting in time –
Space of quiet communion –
of quiet intimate murmuring
as soul is Souled
in the Heart of all hearts.
Graceful the rhythm
0f receiving and letting go.
Holy the moment –
suspended in non-time.
God and I one.
Sheer bliss – original bliss
this unity in the circle of OM.

The soul feels itself stretched
opening ever more widely
God’s breath – Cosmic breath to embrace
becoming more pliant
to breathe as one with the world
to receive its reality with open arms
to hold it with compassion
to release it healed and whole.

Lifed though the Breath of God in the NOW Moment
Lifed through the breath of God
we – past, present and to come –
enter the stream of abundance.
Ours the gift and prophetic call
to be co-creator – co-redeemer.
Entering the rhythmic
giving and receiving God breath
we are catapulted into time and space
experienced as this moment
a moment holding eternity
holding all of life
a fullness dancing into the next moment.

One with the universe –
with all of life
connected to all time
we breathe one breath –
God’s love song singing
in and through me, through you, through us
together becoming
the heart and lungs of creation.
God’s breath our becoming love and life
God’s breath our being love and life
for each other
carried and nurtured
in the ocean of Divine Love.

Living the practise of God Breathing
– God’s never ending stream of love –
our each and every breath is
a drop of healing
a splash of laughter
a sip of peace
a ray of hope
a gurgling stream of meaning
a sparkling light
a rainbow breath of possibilities.

S0 – Beyond our Experience …
Living the practise of God Breathing
opens our inner doors and windows,
clears out to cobwebs
to ease in the radiance
of pure love.

So – beyond our understanding
the experience
of being present to the Presence
in the gift of this moment
the gift of the Now of time.
Sweet the experience
of pressure giving way to peace
of anxiety and fear
bowing out to contentment
of ego taking the back seat
that Self may take her rightful place
of freedom dissolving
the shackles of yesteryear
the constricting nets of tomorrow.
Luxurious the sense of contentment.
Awesome, humbling, joyful
to feel myself as beautiful
cloaked in the glory and love of God.

The Watermill
Living the practise of ‘God Breathing’
creates the space to know the present
not as a vast expanse of time
but as this brief moment
holding, nonetheless, eternity.
Not unlike the watermill –
each cup scoops a breath of love
only to pour it into
the next cup
the next moment.

Consciously lived
each moment becomes spirit filled
leaving behind holy terrain
even as it sanctifying,
the next ‘NOW’ moment
filling its empty cup
with Divinity.
Breath prayer
sacred ground of Be -ing
a celebration of
my essence resting
in God essence.

Antics of the Mind
Oh the antics of the mind
now digging in the past
then flirting with the future
a desperate action of ego
to keep the status quo.

Dangerous this deep stillness –
this total presence,
to the One who is.
For Self to explore and find
its true origin
is death to the ego,
rendered false, when clinging
to what is no more
to what is not yet
to what may never be.
False impressions it creates
Attaching identity
to a fathom of nothingness.
Desperately it cries out
‘you are your past pain,
cling to your history –
the light and the dark thereof
for who shall you be without it?
Dream your ivory castle
of success and fame,
but look not at the foundation of sand.
Never, never eat
the forbidden fruit of NOW
for surely it spells death to me.’

Ah great mystery,
oh the freedom of knowing
we are not the thinker.
Thoughts are merely thoughts
when I refuse to be locked
by my need for exterior identity.
True identity lies beyond thoughts.
it thrives in the reality
of beauty, of peace and of joy
in the total experience
of the NOW breath of God –
a peaceful, quiet rhythmic flow
of Divine love, life and light,
penetrating every aspect of life
through the empty reed
that we have become
living in the NOW moment of God.

Each Breath…
Can you not understand
that the future is created
by living consciously
and with mindfulness the NOW moment
centred in OM?

Each breath – New – Unique
never breathed before
never to be breathed again.
Each breath a gift
Spirit filled intent on giving life.
Each new breath
a minuscule moment
to choose freedom,
detachment from the past and the future
so as to rest in the well of be-ing
that natural state
of felt oneness with God,
the Alpha and Omega of all Be-ing.

Mary – What a Great Wonder
Mary, child of the Universe
fruit of the earth –
firm as the earth
A simple, humble woman cloaked in nobility.
The quiet one in whose silence is born the Word
– existing since time began
God made flesh,
God made tangible in the Now
through your body
– open, receptive and giving.

Co-creator with the One who calls all into life
you embrace with quiet passion
the cause, the mission of your Son.
And so your ‘yes’ resounds through time.
You remain an open vessel
a flaming heart
a throbbing love, pouring forth compassion
drawing to yourself those in need.
You push, push
as though in child birth –
challenging any willing moment, any willing person to release life
In a world crying to be healed.

I see your eyes sparkle with laughter and joy
as you behold life being celebrated
I see your eyes clouded with pain at our suffering.
But I see also eyes filled with compassion,
eyes dazzling with an inner knowing, a wisdom
that flows from a heart that ponders life as it unfolds.
I see eyes beholding all of creation with deep respect, dignity and love.

Mary, you are here as Mother, as friend, as sister and mentor,
an open door for me, for anyone to enter or not.
Vibrating with eager anticipation
you radiate hope and peace encircling, as you did your son,
all those who extend their hand and knock.
You have given all –
that all may intimately know the Word of God –
the Word made flesh Jesus, your son,
Jesus our brother.
We join Life and sing – Magnificat
to such a great woman

With you our souls proclaim the wonder of our God.
The wonder of who we are called to be –
the mother, the father, the sister and brother of Jesus
as he calls for our ‘yes’.

Our ‘yes’ spoken freely , will like yours, travel through time,
giving birth wherever it ‘lands’.
Mary, thank you.

Early in the Morning
Early in the morning
long before the first chirping of bird
Mary ponders
as she walks in the stillness of the garden,
on the burning ache within her heart.
What meaning has the death
of my beloved Son?
My Son – so gentle and caring –
yes, sometimes very outspoken –
but you were driven by a zeal
born and held in the fire of love.

Why this terrible end to your life?
Oh my son
in the hour of your greatest need,
I had to let you be
even though my heart and soul reached out to you
intensely yearning to draw you to myself.
There to ease your aching body
there to smooth away your sorrow
there to enwrap you gently with my deepest love.

Oh my son
1 do not understand, cannot comprehend
that the forces of fear are empowered
to destroy a life so young.
Was this the mission for which you were born?
To die like a criminal in the prime of your life?
It makes no sense.

But I hear you say: ‘Let it be, let it be.’
A Fiat that echoed its message across the ages
spanning and uniting all of time.
And Mary’s pain-filled longing
pierced the air
its waves spreading like a mantle
gathering all of life, all who deeply thirst
for union with the Beloved One.
And Jesus, long touched by the power of this love
enters the garden.
Eyes meet and the radiance of love
betwixt mother and son vibrates
stretching into cosmic dimensions
embracing all that is
awakening and calling —– NEW LIFE

And as the SON rises in glorious majesty
the sky lights up, beaming back in awe and wonder
the brilliant, fiery colours
of Christ transformed.
Birds break forth into song
trees and grass sway to the music
of that eternal and intimate gaze.
Streams gurgle and laugh and tumble along –
Jesus is arisen, Jesus is alive.
Mountains, regal and proud
this good news echoes
to north and south, to east and west
Christ is alive, he is risen.
Earh and Universe swell out the song
its rhythm reaching beyond all time and space –
Together in Christ – we are risen, we are alive.
Ah sacred moment – intimate communion
holy and pure one
Let it be, oh let it be
now and into eternity.

I Rise this Morning
Oh my Jesus, my Beloved, my joy and my all.
I stand before you
so full of joy.
I want to dance and swirl through the universe
…… led by you,
the master of song and dance.

Your goodness
far greater than the most brilliant of suns;
your heart vaster than the ocean
rises and swells as it throbs
with fiery, gentle – sweet love.

You sit at the table of our hearts
and lift the bread of our lives –
the cup of our joy and pain
transforming all into life and love.

Your pure love –
all embracing frees the soul
In joy she skips and dances – light as a feather,
as she celebrates and enjoys
the gown of love
with which you enrobe her.
Nothing too big or too small;
no experience too ugly or painful
that it cannot be transformed
by your all embracing love.

I, your heart throb stand awed,
humbled at such a gift that is all mine,
for anyone – if we but be aware.

Oh God, my Love –
humbled, yet deeply moved
I savour this moment of intimacy,
this moment of grace.
How I long to hold you tenderly, passionately
with joy and gratitude
birthed in the inner knowing
of your pure love for me –
for all of life.

As partner, co-creator – one with you
I rise this morning
to walk with you and the other
the path of life
as it unfolds this day.
Oh God, may the whole of the world know
your transforming,
all embracing love.
May all life know the touch of Spring
the life of Life. 

And love …
And love, Unable to contain itself – exploded –
a mighty radiant Light,
It’s particles spraying through the universe
birthing one galaxy after another
dazzling darkness
with a beauty and colour beyond imagining
reflecting the One we know as Sacred Unity.

And this breath of Love
knew and knows no bounds
and continues its evolutionary breathing forth
touching and tickling all into life –
laughing with great joy
when life too became conscious of itself;
calling for a cosmic celebration
when this consciousness recognized the One,
Source of their lives;
exuberant when after billions of years
humanity begins to savour the truth of being love of Love
light of Light
co-creator with the Beloved One.

And the Breath of Love continues
it’s evolutionary flow
calling forth from one generation to the next,
Leaders, visionaries, prophets –
who inspired, passionate and on fire
with that same love to be Life’s breath –
to reach out and touch
the wounded and scarred with the ointment of –
with love and truth
with justice and peace
with healing, equality and dignity.

Together with the Beloved we smile
as we absorb the wisdom of experience –
pain and joy
darkness and light death and resurrection
is but one reality in the River of Life.

Tis in that Light we stand today
and with the same creative love as of old – yet ever new we may ask.
At this point in the evolutionary breath of Life
what supernova experience awaits us
as we long to continue birthing and singing
God’s love song to a world
feeling lost in the darkness
of no purpose or meaning.

We – homo universalis – are ready
to dance the NEW?

Oh God, I want OUT
Oh God help!
Restless …… dazed I pace the path of Life
round and round and round
to a seemingly endless nothing.
I feel oppressed.
Claustrophobic all the information
an avalanche all the visual
cascading all the noise –
voices brow beating other voices
for stage and limelight
all clamouring their product,
their techniques to sell –
‘how to be’
not as in Self
but as ‘image’ of the world.

Bombarded with choices,
with needs created,
humanity becomes an ever dry sponge
greedily soaking up the scraps of false hope
held out by a paternalistic corporate world.

Hardly a thought is born
when replaced by bigger, better, improved
versions of the same.
No time to enjoy
No time to assimilate and integrate
the faster, the more the better.

Oh God I want out
Out of this sense of emptiness
of chaos and division
which like a Hiroshima cloud
pervades the world.

But then a quiet murmuring
pierces my thoughts
‘Tis this world to which I am present,
This is the world I hold –
I cradle in love.
I call you to the same.

See with your heart’s eye
That in the very midst of
this suffocating, debilitating cloud
there sparks rays of vibrant life as humanity –
all of creation
hopes and longs for meaning and purpose.

I hear you call me to be
conscious, sensitive to the pangs of birthing
as humanity years for a return
to simplicity within complicity
to unity within diversity
to healthy relating born out of fragmentation
to a stillness that transcends
the inner and outer noise
to that place within –
the seat of wisdom where you
Creator of fullness and wholeness, resides.

Take me there oh my God
take all of creation
to that still point within
where we may know
the I am
born of the Great I AM.

Become your Breathing
Become your breathing
is like saying, become the prayer you pray.
A tall order to say the least!
Yet, we believe we become
what we reflect upon.
The presence of breathing
indicates life –
but what quality of life?
I magnify, in inconceivable ways,
the living of
what is soul giving to me,
where my heart is,
where my treasure is.But what life when resting
in the God breath flowing through me.
It is in the resting – consciously –
in this God breath
that transformation happens,
that I become, little by little,
anchored in peace and harmony,
permeated with integrity and truth
radiating light and goodness
in a felt sense of well-being.
How simple, yet challenging.
It demands all,
a total ‘yes’ to the
metamorphic fire of God’s love.
Let those with courage
embark on this journey
of becoming fully human –
fully alive.

Laugh a Little

‘Tell me little fella, why are you so anxious to get into the world?’
‘Because there is so much that is exciting out there.’
‘But surely it is safe and warm in, cuddly and inti-mate in your mother’s womb. No worries, no fears. You can just relax and be.’
‘Oh sure you are right, but I feel confined in that space. It is also dark in there. I can’t expand, can’t be creative, can’t play, can’t be adventurous, can’t make friends, can’t climb trees, or discover things or just be plain mischievous.’
How I wish I could have your spirit of adventure.’

`Well stop being so blimey adult. I have watched you. You ridicule, even despise playing. Life is a serious matter, to be battled through and conquered. Every aspect must be controlled so that you can feel safe. Why can’t you just let life be?
‘It is easy for you to talk. You’re just born. You’ve had no experience of real living.’
‘Ah but before you were, I was. I’m the child in every person, kept confined by the fear of adult behaviour, who must of course put aside childish behaviour. Adults can be so boring, so prudish, so right, so painfully “stiff upper lip” and oh so serious.’
‘But life is serious. I need to act responsibly and most times I do not find room for playfulness, not in the light of so much suffering in the world.’
‘Yes, that is true again. There is much suffering in the world, so why add to it?’
‘What do you mean?

‘Relax. Allow life to flow through you. It’s off balance to sit on one end of the scale. You have become so serious over the years.’
‘But I do not know how to be fun.’
‘Oh please don’t suggest you want to work at this issue now. Why don’t you just relax? Look at the beauty around and within you. Enjoy the world and yourself and see how the joy of life will automatically surge up within you. Laugh at yourself -’tis good medicine. You go through so much pain when you get stuck in the fears of tomorrow and all the possible bad things that may befall you. Where is your present moment? Where is the life you enjoy and experience NOW? So often you see these moments and care-lessly brush them aside with thoughts, fears and worries about tomorrow. Why be so complicated? Learn the secret of letting go. Let things be and trust and see how much lighter you will feel. Embrace who you are, love who you are and live.’

It is a Lump
It’s a lump …… but not well defined
No need to concern yourself,
it feels just fine.
Come back again in six month’s time.

No need to worry about this intruder of mine
No need to worry as it waxes and wanes
No need to worry when it stabbed in pain
Reminding me in no uncertain terms
of its presence and its game.
Be quiet little still voice …..
You don’t know ……..
It was the Professional who spoke the word of calm…
Be still little voice, there in no need to fear
The experienced have uttered the word of peace.
Little voice, so uncertain and anxious
Trust those who know.
No need to ask THE question
Tis only a lump – it feels just fine.

‘We’ll do a lumpectomy
I don’t want you to worry
the lump is not well defined
proves it’s not malign
Trust me – I’ll do what’s best for you’.

And so I went under
so too the disquiet little voice
oblivious to the discovery
as scalpel sliced through tissue tender
oblivious to the digging, cutting, stitching
oblivious to the truth.
Till slowly from that deep slumber
the hand immediately searched
‘NO! Oh no! Oh my God …… my breast.
A sudden flood of tears
But darkness in mercy descends
blocking out all pain.

And so I awoke – anaesthetised
Happy for the many visitors
Happy for the many flowers
Happy that the business of telling the story
left no space for the quiet voice to speak its truth,
left no space for the body to feel beyond that of physical pain.
My breast is gone
In it’s place a hideous scar
and the eternal pain –
sharp needles jamming into chest and arm
Why God ……… NOW
when I have just owned, eembraced my body as beautiful?
Tis my breast they removed
– for the medics a piece of contaminated flesh
for me …… part of myself.
Did they just throw my breast
in a pan and flush it down the sluice
or was there perhaps a moment of respect?
Such conflict within oh God
sorrow at the loss
gratitude at the gain of prolonged life.

But WHY NOW Lord
At peak of involvement with YOUR work.
at height of enthusiasm and energy? Why such a violent means to acquire inner wis
dom? What is the lesson I must learn?
need to learn?
am called to learn?
have an opportunity to learn?

But my being is not defined
by physical flesh, by symmetry
I am ….. because You are
And so I anoint my body
gently, embracing all –
that too which appears imperfect
I hold myself up to you – as I am
and with you rejoin the dance of life.

God of Laughter and Joy
Oh God of the universe…
God of laughter and of fun,
gurgling joy and wonderful mirth
you dance your life in me.

The notes of your song
surges through my being
playfully teasing love and joy
peace and hope
to up and dance.
What a joyous cacophony of sound.
What a release of energy and life
of childlike wonder and awe.

Your music soars through me
and dizzy from the pleasure, my heart –
my soul rises, light with freedom
drunk with love for you my God.
Our music flows through me,
as it does through many others,
into the universe
setting in vibration the notes
of laughter and joy gone to sleep.
Oh the wondrous delight
as each note pitches
to the tune of your Love song,
its purity of sound searing the soul.
Oh God I love you
for laughing me into life.

God, centre of my being
permeating all –
in touch with you
serenity smiles with quiet joy.
My heart glows with well being
and gratitude bursts into song.

In touch with you
We touch into our true selves
light of Light –
radiating colour and life into all
love of Love –
delighting in joy, laughter and playfulness
one with the One
passionate that all be One in justice
peace and harmony.

Oh human heart so small and fragile
know the mystery, the truth you hold,
for ’tis in this knowing
that, together, we dance the universal
song of God.

Oh God help!
Restless …… dazed I pace the path of Life
round and round and round
to a seemingly endless nothing.

I feel oppressed.
Claustrophobic all the information
an avalanche all the visual
cascading all the noise –
voices brow beating other voices
for stage and limelight
all clamouring their product,
their techniques to sell –
‘how to be’
not as in Self
but as ‘image’ of the world.
Bombarded with choices,
with needs created,
humanity becomes an ever dry sponge
greedily soaking up the scraps of false hope
held out by a paternalistic corporate world.

Hardly a thought is born
when replaced by bigger, better, improved
versions of the same.
No time to enjoy
No time to assimilate and integrate
the faster, the more the better.
Oh God I want out
Out of this sense of emptiness
of chaos and division
which like a Hiroshima cloud
pervades the world.

But then a quiet murmuring
pierces my thoughts
‘Tis this world to which I am present
an indivisible part of it am I.
This is the world I hold – cradle in love.
I call you to the same.

See with your heart’s eye –
In the very midst of
this suffocating, debilitating cloud
there sparks rays of vibrant life
as humanity – all of creation
hopes and longs for meaning and purpose.

I hear you call me to be
conscious, sensitive to the pangs of birthing
as humanity years for a return
to simplicity within complicity
to unity within diversity
to healthy relating born out of fragmentation
to a stillness that transcends
inner and outer noise
to that place within – the seat of wisdom where you
Creator of fullness and wholeness, resides.
Take me there oh my God
take all of creation
to that still point within
where we may know
the I am
born of the Great I AM.

A Call to Transcendence
Hush, be still …….. listen.
Earth, from the depths of her bowels is calling,
is calling us by name.
Urging us to dream
to embrace whole heartedly our call as
co-creators, healers, teachers, warriors.
Mother Earth, Gaia
yearns that our life be a dance of quiet and joy-filled intimacy
with the Heart of our hearts –
Source of our being.
She knows that in that embracing communion
there will arise from our deepest self
the need to let go
as we behold the night of fear
give way to the dawn of life.

With the rising sun we will see
the delicate web of interconnectedness
shimmering with the dew of potential ….. possibilities
and we will know
that an average age of 71.9 is but a reminder
that dying is the passage into life.
Hear the earth as she whispers our name
in the breeze blowing off the waters of darkness and pain
inviting us
to surrender ourselves to our own transformation
to walk through the shadow of chaos into new life and light
as we extend and touch gently
our own wound and live with reconciliation, healing – freedom.
Bathed in that loving embrace
Earth calls that we reach out
into the lives of her children
offering freely hope, meaning and joy.
Transcend the busyness of life
touch into the resounding silence of the universe.
In that deep stillness listen to the gurgling streams of the Holy Word –
uphold the deep values of life.
From the poor we are enriched,
the little becomes much,
be aware of the global situation –
reach out in the strength of partnership
simply and creatively.

The Earth is calling our name and counsels –
Enflesh your constitutions
Let your dreams and bondedness be the fire of life,
the light of hope.
Seek out new forms of being and
celebrate creation as you promote sustainability,
as you allow for growth and development for all
Touched by imagination and creativity
express your joy and praise – in spite of poverty and difficulties –
through words, music colour and dance.

Earth is calling our name – and we respond.

I Believe
I believe in a God who IS
A higher Being beyond the grasp of my intellect
Who is the image I personify as Father, Mother, Judge, Lover, Jesus, Spirit , Word.
And yet unlimited transcends these into realms unimaginable
I believe in a God
Who is creative energy, source of all, present in all – evolutionary.

I believe in light and it’s counterpart – darkness
in the sacredness of the Universe – vibrant with life Who, although pained by the reality of violence, loneliness and death
can dance with grace and laughter rejoicing
at every moment of birth and
at every experience of dignity and equality.

I believe that true power arise from the soil of vulnerability
is nurtured by waters of trust and reverence
is made fertile in life’s compost of respect and mutuality.

I believe this power is creative energy calling to life whomever and whatever she meets.
In her am I challenged to face the truth of myself –
that truth which strips suffocating masks and defences;
in whose freedom I can clothe, with accepting love, the nakedness I feel;
in whose compassion I am called to embrace tenderly my brokenness, my weaknesses,
all the areas I despise and reject.

I believe that as painful as this process may be
that it be the very forerunner of true celebration.

To celebrate the joy of the
I AM in me and all created
I AM co-creator, recreating with LIFE who IS
I am gift, with freedom to respond or withhold
I am opportunity, to risk living life openly – responsibly;
acknowledging my fears, but not subject to them.
I am time in which to BE, letting go gradually of control;
that Lady Life may surround, embrace and permeate me.

I believe in the goodness of all human persons
each life a universe – holy ground
rich and fragile –
to be encountered with love and gentleness.
I accept our potential for evil
yet believe in the indwelling and surrounding Presence
whose power I can release and direct
to touch and gently embrace those in need of healing and strength

I believe that I’m united and have an interdependent
relationship with every living organism in the eternal NOW
and as such am never alone, can never stand apart or above..

I believe in the wisdom of my inner truth
detached from the ego; arising from the Selfv

I believe I have the power and freewill to make a difference
to make present heaven or hell
states of being reserved not for some distant future
but realized in every conscious and unconscious decision made

I believe that being at one with Self
creation will celebrate cosmic healing.
And Christ’s dream will be realized:
“Father may they be one, even as you and I are one.”
All this I believe.

Sacred Unity
Sacred Unity
from time eternal into time eternal
you permeate all
holding together your creation
in life’s cosmic breath.
Sacred breath – Ruah – our breath, your breath
together we breathe forth life’s creative energy
rooting us in your Presence…
in the Present – in the ‘now’ of the fullness of reality.
This ‘now’ is this moment yearning
to be filled with the fullness of being

This moment longing to immerse itself
in the radiance of your glory.
This moment given to Ruah, who blows where she wills
we breathe over the waters of the universe
touching its cosmic heart with the fire to love into life
all parts of herself that cry out
to be healed, restored, renewed….made whole.

God, in you there are no boundaries
no one and nothing is excluded.
Sacred Unity
universal sphere
– breathing love
– exhaling life
you bring all into cosmic harmony.
From you, source and ground of relating
flows in unending richness
the life of communitarian relatedness
open, evolving, circling, enfolding, releasing in rhythmic dance drawing us ever more deeply into love’s mysteries –
cosmic womb of chaos…
birthplace of fiery dance igniting in collision –

Life! Colourful patterns bursting with energy
lifting us out of yesteryear ways
swirling before us creativity, vitality
abundance of newness
enticing us
to let go of the old ways,
the little, the particle
to embrace the universal dream that holds the very heart of our deepest desires.

God – you draw us
into the center of your BEING
where diversity commune as ONE
where the sacred and the shadow are invited
to share at one table.
Here judgement is denied its power
as compassion and understanding
becomes the embrace of acceptance.

Thus united we celebrate
and move together in joy
dancing to the heartbeat of love.
Thus embraced in tenderness
we recognize You – the only I AM, from whom flows
the ‘I am’ that we are.
With renewed insight and awe we see again
the sacred mystery that each is
the sacred ground on which we stand
as we enter the presence of the other.
All and everyone –
sacred vessels of your presence and holiness
ours the opportunity to embrace our uniqueness
intertwined, united to that of the other.

Oh God of my life and God of truth –
teach me the meaning, the mystery of this, your Word.

Advent, a period of time
calling for a halt
setting the Church on a journey
to re-member an event
long by prophets foretold.
Advent, a time to celebrate
God’s love made tangible
in a bundle of hope
cradled in a manger.

Angels sang their song of joy,
Kings came to pay homage;
to God wrapped in human form;
shepherds, astounded by angel song
hurried to behold
the greatest miracle ever told –
God’s amazing love become flesh.
And we?
Where are we in this cosmic event?

a space between
Christ come and still to come.
Christ present and knowing fullness of presence.
a time of waiting ……
but who is waiting?
Me thinks ’tis Christ doing the waiting,
waiting for humanity to wake up
to become alert, conscious
of the gift he holds out –
a life-time love relationship
full of the wonder of God.

This Advent – as always –
we are called
to touch into our heart and that of the world
so enclosed in the tomb of life’s clamour
to reach into our essence
yearning to experience once again
the truth
held so simply and yet so profoundly
in the manger over 2 000 years ago –
the wonder of innocence
the transparency of truth
the light of authenticity
the peace of trust
the glory and beauty of purity.

Celebrating this Advent
we are called to receive as ours
Christ’s constant offer
made tangible on Christmas day –
the wonder of contentment
the embodiment of hope, love, peace and joy.

May this Advent be
a conscious walk,
a conscious participation
in re-membering –
to put together again
to heal
to make whole
to re-unite
to embrace Christ ever present,
but ever knocking
awaiting our invitation
to enter fully into the heart of our daily living
the tabernacle of his presence.

December 2015