Poem by Mother Eleonore Petitpierre

A Jubilee Wish

How can our words express the joy,
That fills our hearts this Festive Day,
A joy, that thrills our very soul,
And makes us feel so bright and gay.

Sure Angels sweet are hov’ring nigh
On this your Golden Jubilee,
Imparting peace to all around,
And joining in our melody.

Methinks I hear the silvery strain
Of music, echoing far and near;
Ever the voices seem to say:
“God bless, God bless our Bishop dear!”

Mother Eleonore Petitpierre 1851 – 1932

Life is like a rapid river
Ever flowing to its goal;
But in its brief time are given
Countless graces to a soul.

May God, on this your festive day,
Shower graces on you rich and rare,
May Angels pure with Silver and Gold
Garland weave for you to wear.

Your holy patron Bernardine
Who nobly won the Crown of Life,
Protect you through Life’s’ thorny path,
And keep you safe from every strife.

May our dear Lady look with love~
On you, her favoured child to-day;
Rejoice on this great Jubilee,
With all who have a wish to say.

All transient things are quickly gone,
And soon this happy day is o’er;
But ah; ‘tis not like earthly joys,
Passing away and seen no more.

Nay, let this Feast a foretaste be
Of one to come which will not end,
A Jubilee of Eternal Joys,
Where Angles’ Song with ours will blend.

A land of pure delight and peace,
Of joy surpassing human thought,
In Jesus’ Heart we’ll ever dwell,
A Heaven which He for us has bought.

Oh that we all may faithful be,
To gain that Crown of lasting Love;
A Jubilee, which will not end,
A life of Bliss in the Realms above.