Poem by Sr Catherine Bartl

Written by Sr Catherine (perhaps Bartl) for
Mother Augustine’s 51st Birthday
and given to her with two dolls dressed as Nuns.

St Joseph’s Mansions
Coeli Coelorum
23rd February, 1929

By day and by night I have heard you sighing,
Sighing and praying to God and the Saints.
All the nine choirs of Angels were flying,
Trying to make known your gentle complaints.

But Jesus and Mary whom once I protected,
Detected your special devotion to me.
And having a little on matters reflected,
They turned to me for a remedy.

Sr Catherine Bartl 1890 – 1948

And now before March brings too busy a time,
I’m sending two fine little nuns along.
Their hearts are still pure, their aims quite sublime;
They are hopeful and willing and happy and strong.

They can draw with their pencil, can paint and can stencil,
Can cut pretty dresses for girls with short tresses,
Are quite deft with their fingers at pianos and singers,
Really apt at all tongues and fit for hard sums.

Now, dear Mother General,
Dismiss cares ephemeral,
And make of your birthday
A really bright mirth-day.

And ne’er again worry!
Tell me every story
That tends to distress you.
Au revoir now! God bless you!