All for God’s People

For the Centenary of the Dominican Sisters of King William’s Town, 1877 – 1977, Sr Marietta Gouws wrote the following History:

Chapters of the Book (pdf files – without images)

Introduction  Prologue: Early Dominican Missions in Africa
Chapter 3  ‘King’ Convent, Motherhouse in King William’s Town
Chapter 6  East London, Early Expansion
Chapter 8  Natal
Chapter 9  Potchefstroom
Chapter 10  Klerksdorp
Chapter 11  Rhodesia
Chapter 12  Izeli, King William’s Town
Chapter 14  Mater Infirmorum
Chapter 15  Graaff-Reinet
Chapter 16  East London, Maris Stella
Chapter 17  Fort Beaufort
Chapter 18  Queenstown
Chapter 19  St Immaculata, Schlehdorf and Branches
Chapter 20  Cradock
Chapter 21  Johannesburg, Belgravia
Chapter 23  A Mottled Sky
Chapter 24  Transvaal, Witbank
Chapter 26  Transvaal, Ermelo
Chapter 27  Stutterheim
Chapter 31  England, Hinckley, Stoke Golding, Nuneaton
Chapter 32  Mother Jacoba Zirn
Chapter 33  Johannesburg, Melrose,  St Vincent School for the Deaf
Chapter 35  Mother Clare Huber
Chapter 36  Holland, Venlo
Chapter 40 Queenstown District – Glen Grey Mission Hospital
Loreto fire
Silver Star and K.C.B.U.
Marian Year
Lourdes Convent
East London  – Hill Crescent, St Anne’s
Chapter 43  Ireland: Upton; Bandon; Tralee
Chapter 45  Welkom

Part Two – Missionary Endeavour

3 King William’s Town, St Joseph’s School
6 Potchefstroom, St Louis Bertrand Mission
7 and 8  Northern Transvaal, M’Phatlele Clinic and Subiaco Mission
13 and 14 Northern Transvaal, Setali, St Scholastica’s Mission
16 East London, Duncan Village, St Peter Claver Mission; Sr Aidan Quinlan
21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26  Evaton, St Mary’s Clinic Stutterheim, Payneville, St John’s Convent Middelburg, Zigudu Queenstown, St Patrick’s Ginsburg
 27, 28, 29  St Thomas College Village Main, Berejena, Matibi
32 Latin AmericaBolivia
33 Latin America, Ecuador