S A Eastern Cape

Foundations in the Eastern Cape

Apart from the Convents and Institutions founded by the Dominican Sisters of King William’s Town the Sisters were also called on to work at Missions founded by other Religious Congregations.

King William’s Town

1877 – 1997 Motherhouse

Convent of the Sacred Heart

The Convent Motherhouse is now the High School Campus of a Trust held by the St Thomas Christians, a distinct Rite and part of the Catholic Church.

1882 – 1914 Sacred Heart Teachers’ Training College
1885 – 1935 Convent School for the Deaf – the first School for the Deaf which was moved to Melrose, Johannesburg in 1935.
1950 – 1978 Marydale Nursing Home

Original Hill Crescent Primary School run by the Sacred Heart Fathers in King William’s Town

1966 – 1982 Hill Crescent Primary School. The school had been run by the Sacred Heart Fathers until they had to leave the Port Elizabeth Diocese in the 1960s. The Sisters were asked to take over the School, which they did, amalgamating it with their then existing St Dominic’s Primary School of the Convent of the Sacred Heart in King William’s Town. From 1968 in a newly erected building the school continued to function as Hill Crescent Primary School.

1913 – 1970 St Joseph’s Mission School
The School was situated next to what had been the original St Anne’s Catholic Church in the town. It had been established by Msgr John Fagan at 45 Durban Street as a school for Coloured children. At one stage St Anne’s Church was part of St Joseph’s School. When the school was closed due to the Coloured Education Policy of the State over 500 pupils had to leave the school. The property was then sold to the Bishop.
1891 – 1981 Izeli
Convent of Our Lady of the Rosary Convent Farm, Orphanage and School

The Church as it was in 2017

The Castle on a Hill’ when it functioned






As early as 1885 Mother Mauritia founded the Orphanage on the property of the Moutherhouse. As the number of needy and orphaned children increased rapidly and when the farm became vacant in the Izeli valley it was acquired for this purpose. The Home and School became registered under the Social Welfare Act and provided mainly for orphaned, destitute or neglected children.
Read a 1946 report from The Cape Mercury

1952 – 1977 Izeli

St Theresa’s Convent and Mission School began as a Primary School with
Boarding facilities for Black children of the area.
1964, It became St Theresa’s Secondary School as the premises were needed as an extension of the main establishment to offer Boarding and Education Facilities and more privacy to the Senior Girls at Izeli. From 1971 the girls were transported daily to attend various schools in the area, including Convent of the Sacred Heart in King William’s Town.

1893 – 1992

Mater Infirmorum Convent Sanatorium






Woodlands near King Williams Town
1906 – 1998 Maria Hilf Mission
1925 – 1956 Fairview School and Hostel 1933 – 1950 Noviciate for potential African Sisters, converted from one of the original huts on the property. The Noviciate was transferred in 1950 to Lilyfontein near East London
1947 – 1956 Fairview Farm
1962 —- St Thomas School for the Deaf
1966 – 1999 Khaya Maria Convent

St Thomas’ School, Woodlands

Khaya Maria, Woodlands

1940 – 1980 Ginsberg

St Patrick’s Mission School

1949 – 1965 Keiskammahoek, St Rose’s Convent
1951 – 1960 Peddie, St Michael’s Nursing Home

East London

1883 – 1975

Sacred Heart Convent and School
The original Convent began in Albany Street; it was then moved to Hudson Street, and finally it was re-built in the suburb of Vincent (old Red House property)

1899 – 1975

Maris Stella Convent and School.
The School amalgamated with the Primary School of Sacred Heart Convent which closed in 1975.


1921 – 1980

St Francis Xavier Convent, School, Noviciate for Coloured Sisters

1928 – 1935 Pirie, Quencwe Mission
1928 – 1979 Duncan Village, St Peter Claver Mission
Sr Aidan Quinlan, one of the two Medical Doctors of the Congregation worked at the Mission until her death in the riots of 1952. The Mission continues today as Khaya Aidan Mission
1933 – 2006 Cambridge

St Pius Convent and School

1933 The property was bought from the Holy Cross Sisters
1954 The convent was re-built
1971 The school closed and the Convent was converted into a Retirement Home for the Sisters.
2006 the Retirement Home was closed and the property sold to the Diocese of Port Elizabeth to be used as a Pastoral Centre.

1992 Emmaus Convent, a Retirement Home which was built on part of the St Pius Convent property. The Sisters moved from St Pius to the newly built Convent.

Emmaus Convent Retirement Home East London

1940 – 1988

Mater Dei Nursing Home

1947 The hospital moved to new premises.
1988 The Mater Dei was sold and continues as St Dominic’s Hospital

1941 – 1959

St Peter’s Chinese School

1950 – 1971 Lilyfontein Convent of Our Lady of Fatima Noviciate for African Sisters. This Noviciate was transferred form Maria Hilf Convent in Woodlands, King William’s Town.
1956 – —-
St Anne’s Convent and School

The Convent and School began at the old Mater Dei Premises then moved to St Mark’s Road till 1994 when the Convent closed;
The school continued as St Anne’s Primary School


Graaff Reinet

1894 – 1969

Convent of the Sacred Heart

In 1949 a new building was begun as the old Convent had become unsafe.



1894 – 1909 Keilands

Holy Family Mission
This was a Jesuit Mission of which the Sisters had full control as long as they remained on the Mission.

1909 When the Jesuits left the Mission to work in the Zambesi Mission and the Fathers of Mariannhill took the Mission over the ‘King’ Dominican Sisters left the Mission to the Sisters of the Precious Blood of Mariannhill;
1922 – 1958 In 1922 the respective Superiors decided that the Dominican Sisters should return, and were finally withdrawn from the Mission in 1958.

1902 – 1974

Convent of the Sacred Heart

1926 – 1945

St Teresa of Lisieux Mission
In 1945 the Mission was taken over by the Schoenstatt Sisters

1928 – 2001

St Catherine’s Nursing Home

1972 The Nursing home was converted into a Retirement Home for the Sisters

1929 – 1961 Qoqodala,

Convent of the Sacred Heart Mission

1929 – 1955 Indwe

St Dominic’s Mission
The Mission belonged to the Sacred Heart Fathers of Aliwal North.  Fr Hillekamp applied to the ‘King’ Dominicans for Sisters and in 1929 Sisters Honorata Albrecht and Rufina Maier arrived at the Mission as pioneers. In 1955 the Mission was taken over by the Holy Cross Sisters.

1930 – 2000 Umhlanga
St Augustine’s Mission School and Dispensary

In 1956 the Mission was handed over to Coloured Sisters of Aliwal North
In 1975 the King Dominican Sisters returned to the Mission

Drawing of the Umhlanga Mission Hospital

1930 – 1966 Lumku

St Michael and all Holy Angels Mission

1934 – 1958 Zigudu

Christ the King Mission

1938 – 1978

Glen Grey Mission Hospital

Aliwal North Diocese

1930 – 1984 Sterkspruit

Umlamli Mission Hospital

Umlamli Mission Hospital

Umlamli Hospital in the snow

Fort Beaufort

1899 – 1968

Convent of the Sacred Heart

1924 – 1962

St Joseph’s Mission School



1904 – 1967

Convent of the Sacred Heart

1922 – 1967

Holy Rosary Convent and School
The Mission was started at the earnest entreaty of Fr Thomas Cullinan who died a month and a half before its opening on the 8 October 1922 by Bishop Hugh MacSherry. On the following day school opened with 10 pupils, six of whom were Catholic. On the next two days 6 pupils were added to the number. By the 18 October the school numbered 40 pupils. The Mission also cared for orphans.

The Mission finally closed due to the implementation of the Group Areas Act.

1942 – 1981 Farm

St Josefdal Farm

1972 – 1996 Michausdal

St Rose’s Convent and Creche

2014 The Creche is still running as Rosary Nursery School


1917 – 1922

Calaroga Convent

1954 – 1972 The Convent opened again at 24 Hill Street


1929 – 1992

St Dominic’s Convent and School The School was small, seldom exceeding

St Dominic’s Convent Stutterheim

100 pupils and less than half being borders. Over the years an average of 15 Sisters ran the Convent, the School and Boarding Houses, the orchards, fields and gardens, the poultry and the stables.
1965 the Secondary School was closed;
1966 the school closed and was converted into St Dominic’s Convent Retirement Home
1938 – 1949 St Mary’s Clinic The Sisters who ran the clinic lived at the Convent

Middelburg Cape Province
1933 – 1982
Christ the King Mission School
de Aar
1947 – 1991
St John’s Convent

Port Elizabeth

1960 – 1983 New Brighton

Convent of the Sacred Heart

1962 – 1994 Kwa Zakhele

Don Bosco Community