Artists, Musicians and Poets of Yesteryear

Samples of the work done by Sisters of the Congregation:

Sr Hermana Schwager at work making Vestments

Sr Digna Guenthner Painting Stations of the Cross

Convent Orchestra at St Vincent Convent and School for the Deaf in Melrose, Johannesburg

Among the Sisters of the Orchestra were Sisters Carissima Guggenberger, Yvonne Gallenmiller, Agatha, Immaculee Marcellis, Marie-Claire Marie-Rose (Marie-Claire) Mensch, Miranda Ruthig, Irmgard Sildatke, Evangelista Wingler, Flavia Lang, Vincent Davidson, Hermina Kyrein.
Art Teachers and Artists

Sr Alberta Schubert,  Calligraphy and painting 1875 – 1971
Sr Aquin Fraenkl,  1882 – 1955
Sr Amica Michalski, 1940 –
Sr Bernwarda (Franziska) Hefele, 1910 – 1985
Sr Clarissa Philippin, 1905 – 1996
Sr Clarita Folger, 1907 – 1977
Sr Digna Guenthner, Artist 1922 – 1980
Sr Hermana Schwager, Church Vestments 1920 – 2008

Teachers and Poets

Mother Eleonore Petitpierre, Poet 1851 – 1932
Sr Alacoque Brien, Poet 1877 – 1953
Sr Raymond Whyte, Poet 1859 – 1934
Sr Catherine Bartl, Poet 1890 – 1948

Sr Clarissa Philippin 1905 – 1996 with a sample of her work

Sr Clarissa Philippin, arrival in South Africa

A Musical Trio, Sisters Gerlinde Lixl, Joanette Ursem and Emmanuel Hamilton-Brown at Our Lady of Mercy Convent in Springs

Musical Trio at the Convent in Springs