Art Painting: Sr Digna Guenthner

In 1961 the Right Rev Bishop E Green of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth commissioned Sr M Digna of the Dominican Sisters of King William’s Town to paint the portraits of the eight Bishops of the Eastern Cape from 1847 to 1961.

This was not an easy task as it was difficult to procure suitable photographs; those of the earlier Bishops almost impossible. None who knew these Princes of the Church intimately were alive.
A century had passed and with it many of the prominent people.

Sr Digna, who was somewhat of an historian, at least on canvas, had studied the lives and works of these Bishops to such purpose that she ably succeeded in stranslating their prominent characteristics to her life-like portraitures as can be seen in the photograph below of the set of the eight portraits.

Sr Digna Guenthner at work

Bishops of Port Elizabeth painted in 1966

Proteas in the Mountains

A Village Scene

Our Lady of Johannesburg

Our Lady of Loreto House

Mother and Child

Our Lady and Child

A Nativity Scene

Drawing of Christ the King found in an exercise book.